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Project Management (a quick tutorial) - Managing Project Scope

Managing the Project Scope

W Wiki: Scope (project management)

Project Scope is the " work that needs to be accomplished
to deliver a product, service, or
result with the
specified features and functions."


Scope Statement

The scope defines your project.  Having a clear scope is critical. 

The scope statement simplifies the scope so all stakeholders can endorse the key points, it defines the project scope concisely.  It answers the 5W and 2H questions:

  1. Who
  2. What
  3. Where
  4. Why
  5. When
  6. How many
  7. How much
Example: a Scope Statement for a new home:

Build a 2,300 square foot Craftsman style house in Seattle Washington, for a not to exceed cost of $xxx,xxx, including design, construction, permits and taxes.  The house will be designed and built and ready for occupancy by August 1, 20xx.  House to include:

  1. 2 floors
  2. 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 bathrooms
  3. den, for the family business including wiring for phone and internet
  4. media room, with wiring for phone and cable
  5. gourmet kitchen, with food prep island, 2 sinks (1 on the island)
  6. HVAC: heat pump heating and cooling, ventilation in shop 
  7. Power:
    a. 320A meter base feeding two 200A panels (one panel will be for the shop and garage)
    b. 220V in the shop (2 circuits) and utility room (for dryer)
    C. Two (2) 220V outlets for charging two electric cars
  8. 2 car garage, with shop
  9. master bath with:
    a. his and her sinks
    b. a claw bathtub and
    c. a separate performance shower


  1. landscaping, 
  2. shop:  work excludes work benches and cabinets for tools

Remember to identify the excluded work… 

F  Voice of Experience– Scope Statement

Circulate your scope statement and gain the approval of all project stakeholders.  Getting everyone to agree to the project scope is the first step toward project success.  Often you find someone ~ or many ~ that do not agree on the scope.  You do not want to be arguing the intent of the project months after the project start.


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