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Project Management (a quick tutorial) - Project Completion

Project Completion

Identify the requirements to complete the project:

  1. Punch List
  2. Lessons Learned
  3. Project Close-out documentation

The Punch List identifies the work required for completion.  Summarize what worked and what did not work in a lessons learned review.

Punch List

A Punch List is a specific list of work required to complete a project.  In construction this list is developed by the client when the contractor states that his work is complete.  This is the final list of items to be completed.  After which the project is considered complete.  The list is updated and re-issued as the tasks are completed.  Organization of the Punch List:

  1. Item number
  2. Item description
  3. Source (who identified the issue so you can gain additional information, if needed)  


Lessons  Learned

On every project there are lessons to be learned.  The wise project manager gathers the lessons and adds this knowledge to future projects.

The Lessons Learned Summary:

  1. Group the Lessons Learned into pre-established groups.  Topics include project related lessons as well as project management lessons.
  2. Provide a brief description and a detailed description. Include examples when appropriate
  3. Identify the applicable sub-team
  4. The lessons accepted can be organized and tracked with a reference numbers.
  5. As the review team reviews the lessons learned, they can add clarification or definite actions as program comments.
  6. Provide a ranking so the lessons can be prioritized.

I  Word to the Wise –

Use the lessons learned as a brainstorming exercise.  Praise the team for work well done and gather ideas about how problems can be avoided in the future

Project Close out Documentation

All projects come to an end – eventually.  To prepare – organize your files so the completion effort is easy. 

Examples of Close-Out documentation:

  1. Scope documents
  2. Design Documents, including flow charts
  3. Decision making documents
  4. Final configuration
  5. Maintenance and Service information, if required
  6. Users guides
  7. Project schedule
  8. Change management information, including documentation on each change
  9. Contract Changes
  10. Cost Management
  11. Stakeholder information
  12. Location of all stored files and documentation 


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