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Project Management (a quick tutorial) - Tracking Progress

Tracking Project Progress

Track the project progress.  Request updated from all team members working on active tasks.  Identify possible issues and concerns and review progress against the schedule and project plan.

Tracking Progress

Update project progress:

  1. obtain status updates for planned work:
    a. percent complete on all active tasks
    b. estimated date of completion, for all active tasks
    c. performance against labor and material budgets, by task and by project
    d. a description of all cost and time variances
    e. issues / concerns
    f. anticipated changes and impacts
  2. Update the task durations and adjust the work effort to meet project requirements.   Revise the schedule logic, if required.
  3. Add the actual labor and material costs to your schedule
  4. Review budged cost and planned timeline against actual cost and time expenditures (i.e. refer to the section on Earned Value)

Reading a Schedule

Most schedule programs graphically show today’s date and the completed tasks.  By follow the today’s date line you can quickly see which tasks are behind schedule. 

  1. Is all work scheduled prior to today’s date complete?  If not mitigate the cause of the delay.
  2. Are all the tasks on the today line active? If not – resolve the problem.
  3. Compare the active schedule against the baseline schedule:  Are the task durations and labor hours being adjusted to accommodate actual work efforts – including delays?
  4. Are the assigned resources supporting the active (uncompleted) tasks?
  5. What is the forecasted completion date for each active task? 
  6. Are any critical tasks in jeopardy?
  7. Are resources available for future tasks – tasks to be completed within 30 days, within 60 days?

The goal is to determine if the active tasks will be completed in time and on budget to satisfy the project requirements.  That project buffers are being used wisely.  If not the appropriate action should be taken. 

I  Word to the Wise –

If the schedule logic is not being followed, re-plan the project, develop a new schedule and develop a new plan.  It is extremely difficult to manage a project without a plan.

F  Voice of Experience

Often early task durations are extended on the schedule while shortening later task durations.  If a one week task takes two weeks at the beginning of a project, is it reasonable to assume a two week task at the end of the project can be completed in one week?

I  Word to the Wise –

Projects off schedule or budget in the early phases seldom recover.  One study showed that less than 5% of the projects off schedule or budget at an early milestone (i.e. 15% complete) ever recover.  The successful project manager drives for schedule and budget performance from day one.


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